Stuff I want to build in 2021

I have this bad habit where I have a running list of things I want to build, and for whatever reason, it gets shelved permanently or I just flat out forget to start it. What can I say, life happens.

Seeing as it is almost the end of the year, I figured I'd make a 2021 list of projects I want to work on and build. Some are open source, while others will be built for profit.

1. More work with Nuxt

I've worked with Nuxt on a few client projects, so there's some familiarity there. I've also been curious to do some work with Vue's native animation library.

2. Stripe + Nuxt.js/Next.js Headless CMS e-commerce starters

I've built a few previous Stripe e-commerce starters this year, using Products w/Checkout, but would like to expand on its capabilities.

  • I'd like to first build a skeleton project that integrates with a headless CMS, like Dato. Products can be extended as custom models, and I can include a cart feature.
  • In addition to the skeleton (which would be more dev focused), I'd want to build a few starters that would ideally be derived from a few popular themes on Shopify.
  • Another simpler idea would be to build Subscription products, like a Coffee Bean company.
  • Local Restaurant theme - there's a menu of items users can order from as well as a donation button

3. Shopify + Headless CMS e-commerce starter

Shopify isn't going anywhere. There's constant demand and I predict it will grow in popularity in the years to come. Having been exposed to a number of different clients in search of a new Shopify site, I've noticed a trend among the vast majority of requests. They typically include: "My site is slow, can you fix it?"

A Shopify site using the power of the Jamstack is the only way to go, in my opinion. I've built a few Shopify sites w/Gatsby this year, one of them being an OSS project. I'd like to expand on this in the new year and start integrating more features like:

  • store locator solution
  • afterpay
  • reviews

Building more out of the box solutions goes along way, especially when navigating the freelance world. I'd like to package this project as two solutions

  • Retailer Starter (with multiple vendors)
  • DTC Brand Starter

4. Marketplace Rails App

I've built this as a beta project this month. Users can sign up for an account and sell products, I take a small commission off each transaction. Because people will be buying and selling pysical products, I need to keep adding features like notifications, follow/unfollow users, likes, action mailer, and shipping. But the core features of a marketplace work.

5. SaaS Serverless App

I've experimented with a few different serverless stacks this year, primarily using Nuxt/Next/CRA + a realtime DB like Firebase or Fauna. I want to build an app with a recurring subscription plan built in. I've been using this list as a reference, but still haven't narrowed in on what exactly I want to build. Stock photography, freelance/project management tool, or a video streaming tool are my frontrunners.

6. Marketplace Serverless App

This would qualify as a nice to have. Similar to the SaaS app, I'd want to use a nosql realtime db + next.js. Users would have the ability to signup to the service, post products, connect earnings to their bank via Stripe Connect, and every sale they make the platform (me) would take a small commission.