Hello 👋🏼, my name is Peter Hironaka. I’m a Front-End Developer based in sunny Venice, California. When I’m not in the ocean attempting to surf, I can be found reading a book or refactoring old bits of open source code. If you have a project you’re interested in collaborating on, feel free to drop me a line on email. Here are a few things I’m currently working on:

Luke Monaghan Director

Built a simple portfolio site for the talented young British Director. I used Static Site generator Middleman.

↳ Link

Miru Travel

Miru Travel is a Travel Journal I created with my girlfriend Kamauri Yeh. I built the site with the help of Jekyll and Siteleaf. We’re relaunching in February 2017. Join us as we venture to parts unknown as well as a few of our favorite places.

↳ Link

Good Posture

Good Posture is the lifestyle brand of Theo Martins. I’ve restructured an reformatted a good portion of the site on the popular E-Commerce platform Shopify.

↳ Link

Everything else is either currently being built or not worthy of any praise let alone a share. You can see some of my carefully selected producer credits 👉🏼 here.

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